Do you feel cold all the (damn) time? Do you feel like you’re living in a world of sleet and snow, compounded by arctic winds, even when you’re in the safe comforts of home?

Believe it or not, there’s an army of perpetually cold people out there – and you’re certainly not alone.

My name is Dina and I understand your pains. Come autumn, my hands get frozen while I’m typing and I migrate my home office to an arm’s length from the heater. My partner suffers more; he sleeps under two thick blankets and grumbles at our apartment’s poor insulation all winter.

I figured there must be clever solutions for people like us. And I found it in the form of supplemental heaters (duh!) and heated products – gloves and socks to footrests and blankets.

Here’s where Perpetually Cold comes in. This is your one-stop resource to understanding why you’re feeling cold. It gives you the low-down on how you can stay warm and toasty. And it also rounds up the best heated products in the market.

Together with my team of writers, we’d like to keep the permanent chill out of your bones!

Meet our team

Dina profile pic


Founder of Perpetually Cold

Dina’s a wandering soul who loves the snow but hates the cold. She’s cycled on a frozen lake in Russia and slept under a sky full of stars in Kyrgyzstan. A Singaporean at heart, she currently lives in the beautiful French region of Brittany.

Ann Tracy profile pic

Ann Tracy


Ann Tracy is a student by day and a writer by night. She adores everything about her hometown Montreal except for its blistering cold winters. She can’t help but identify as a perpetually cold person.

Diego profile pic

Diego Ortiz


Between one trip and the next, Diego journals, watches old movies, and cooks foreign dishes to placate his serious case of wanderlust. A yearly appointment with Rio Carnival is of great help too.

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Joy Sallegue


Joy is a writer and digital marketer from Manila, Philippines. Travelling and writing about her travels are two things that excite her most. Her days are usually spent drinking coffee, daydreaming about future travels, fangirling, and lurking on Twitter.

Ralph profile pic

Ralph Lam


Ralph is an urban explorer fueled by curry fishballs and polo buns. An avid foodie with an undying love for Chinese noodles, Ralph likes to believe that there isn’t a single noodle shop in Hong Kong that he’s never been to.

Thomas Perry profile pic

Thomas Perry


Thomas is a self-confessed Star Wars nerd from Colorado. He alternates between spending days gaming indoors and then exploring the great outdoors with a vengeance. He loves skiing and mountain climbing.


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