12 Best Under Desk Foot Warmers for Warm Feet While Working

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Anyone who’s had a desk job can tell you that working in cold environments interferes with productivity.

In fact, a study has concluded that low temperatures can cause you to be distracted because much of your energy goes to keeping yourself warm and less towards focus and inspiration.

I don’t know about you but chilly offices aren’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of ideal work setups. And if like me, you often get cold feet, you need under desk foot warmers.

Cold feet in front of space heater

Top picks

You can find many of these awesome foot warmers on online stores such as Amazon. But to save you time, I’ve done the legwork and rounded up the highly-rated ones. Here are the best of the best under desk foot warmers in the market:

Types of under desk foot warmers

Foot heaters for under the desk are cost-effective, low-wattage devices that are designed for warming up your feet and legs. Some are versatile enough that they can be used for other parts of the body as well, like for your hands and back.

Under desk foot warmers may fall into any of these categories:

Heated floor mats

heated floor mat

Heated floor mats are essentially what it sounds like – flat mats that may be made of floor leather, rubber, or carpeted rug that contain thin heating elements. The best under desk foot warmer mats have non-slip materials at the back to ensure that they stay in place.

You can place these mats under your desk while you’re working or on any flat surface where there’s a nearby socket. Just be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions as some heated mats are made for delicate flooring.

Heated footrests

Woman using heated footrest under a desk

Heated footrests combine the power of a heated mat and a footstool. Many of these electrically powered devices are designed ergonomically so they don’t just warm you up but also improve your posture.

Unlike mats, a heated footrest for under-desk usage is elevated for optimal feet support. The heat and angle help boost your blood circulation and reduce pressure on your joints. Some also have massage functions for maximum comfort.

Foot heating pads

Foot heating pads

A heated foot pad for under the desk is for perpetually cold people who prefer to have their whole feet and ankles covered up. It’s like a sleeping bag but for your feet.

For the ultimate comfort, many of these foot warmers come in plush materials like microfiber cotton or flannel so they just don’t feel warm but also feel soft to the touch.

And they’re not exclusive for under-desk usage as you can also use these as you snuggle in bed.

Under desk heaters

A small heater that can be placed under the desk

Unlike the other types of foot warmers, an under-desk foot heater or space heater is used not to directly heat the feet but a small to medium-sized area.

These electric devices are compact units, often small enough to be placed under the desk or on top of it. Some heaters also have a fan function so you can use them even on hot days.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of these under desk foot warmers.

The best foot warmers for under the desk

1. Cozy Products TT Toasty Toes Heated Foot Warmer

Overall best under desk foot warmer

The TT Toasty Toes’ versatility is what makes it the best foot warmer. It can function as a heated mat, an ergonomic footrest, and a space heater. As far as under desk foot warmers go, this one’s pretty much a steal.

This fast-heating foot warmer features three adjustable positions – flat, inclined, and upright – that can accommodate sitting and standing positions. It also has two heat settings to choose from (low and high) to keep you warm and cozy.

At just 90 watts (or about the same energy a regular light bulb requires), this is one of the most energy-efficient under desk foot warmers out there. It’s also TUV-listed, meaning it’s been tested for safety.

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Key features:

  • Three positions to choose from
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Quickly heats up
  • Energy-efficient
  • TUV-listed

2. Livtribe Heated Floor Mat

Best heated floor mat

Made of high-quality heat-conducting floor leather, Livtribe’s heated mat is one of the most user-friendly under desk foot warmers. It comes with a footswitch and temperature display you don’t have to bend down to adjust the temperature settings.

With its excellent heat transfer, it can keep your feet warm under your desk even when wearing shoes. The temperature ranges from 85 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and you can easily set it in intervals of 10 degrees to suit your preferences.

This foot warmer doesn’t scrimp on safety features, too. It’s waterproof, flame-retardant, and wear-resistant. Best of all, it automatically turns off after three hours to avoid overheating.

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Key features:

  • Footswitch with temperature display
  • Seven temperature settings
  • Automatic shutoff function and other safety features
  • Uses only 55 watts
  • Non-slip back material

3. Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

Best heated footrest

Another multipurpose office foot heater, the Fellowes footrest comes with three temperature settings: low and high heat that can keep you toasty, and a cool fan that you can use during sultry days. And you can even adjust its airflow.

This heated footrest is one of the best under desk foot warmers if you want something that can improve posture and relieve lower back pressure. You can adjust its angle and choose from two platform heights for optimal comfort.

Perfect for tired feet, this footrest also has surface massage bumps. Plus, it turns off automatically after eight hours so you don’t have to worry about overheating or wasting energy.

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Key features:

  • Three temperature settings
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Eight-hour auto-off feature
  • Surface massage bumps
  • Two platform height settings (5.5 or 6.5 inches)

4. Gintao Electric Heated Foot Warmer

Best foot heating pad

Fancy sharing a cozy time with your loved one? With Gintao’s extra-large foot warmer, you can. You just have to agree on how warm it’ll be because you have three temperature settings to choose from.

One of the best under desk foot warmers, this ultra-plush flannel warmer heats up fast, keeping you warm and helping relieve muscle pain. And because it comes with a two-hour automatic timer, you can safely cozy up in the office or while lying in bed.

Available in gray and brown, this foot warmer is washable and detachable so it’s easy to clean. What’s more, you can even use it as a back warmer!

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Key features:

  • Extra-large at 22 x 20 inches
  • Three heat settings
  • Super soft flannel
  • Two-hour shut-off feature
  • Washable and detachable

5. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

Best under desk heater

Need under desk foot warmers that can also quickly heat up a medium-sized space? GiveBest’s portable space heater is one of your best choices.

This heater provides two heat levels – 1500 and 750 watts – and one cool air fan mode so you can use it for both winter and summer. It’s also powerful and silent enough to heat up the bedroom, living room, and office without disturbing your sleep or officemates.

The best thing about this foot heater is its protection features. It automatically turns off when the thermostat reaches a preset temperature. It will also shut off when the heater is knocked over. So there’s no risk of overheating or burning.

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Key features:

  • Two heat levels and one cool air fan setting
  • Automatic shut-off safety system
  • Tip-over protection
  • Quiet and fast-heating
  • Convenient carry handle

6. PROALLER Electric Heated Foot Warmer  

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love multipurpose under desk foot warmers. PROALLER’s soft and thick flannel warmer is one of your best options if you’re looking for something that can also double a warmer for your back, belly, legs, and arms.

A unique feature of this foot heater is its two-pocket design that keeps out cold air from coming in and keeps the warmth inside. You can also choose from three temperature levels. It automatically turns off after two hours so there’s no risk of overheating.

This ETL-certified foot warmer comes in two large sizes with a 10-foot long cord so you can warm up with ease. Plus, it’s machine washable for easy cleaning.

Check the price of this electric foot warmer.

Key features:

  • Three temperature settings
  • Two-hour auto-off feature
  • Unique two-pocket design
  • Can be used for other parts of the body
  • ETL-certified

7. Cozy Products Electric Foot Warmer Mat

Using direct and radiant heat (thermal radiation), this under desk foot warmer by Cozy Products can quickly heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s warm enough to heat your feet even through shoes or boots.

Made of waterproof rubber material, you can even use this to melt snow off your shoes. Consuming just 120 watts, this heated floor mat is also energy-efficient and cost-effective.

This foot warmer is TUV-listed and has been tested safe. It doesn’t produce any noise. Because it’s portable, you can use it anywhere there’s a 110-volt wall outlet.

Check the price of this foot warming mat.

Key features:

  • Heats up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Waterproof rubber material
  • Portable
  • Noise-free
  • TUV-listed

8. OLYDON Heated Foot Rest for Under Desk

The best thing about OLYDON’s heated footrest is its two surfaces. On hot days, the breathable mesh can give you a refreshing feeling. On chilly days, just roll up the mesh and the fast-heating leather can keep your feet toasty.

This heated footrest warms up in just half a minute, starting at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and can heat up to 140 degrees. You can adjust this to your preference. No need to worry if you leave it running because it has an auto shut-off feature, too.

One of the most well-designed under desk foot warmers, it comes in an ergonomic teardrop shape that’s more in line with the human feet structure and helps improve posture.

Check the price of this under-desk heated footrest.

Key features:

  • Leather and breathable mesh surfaces
  • Cover and zipper design for easy cleanup
  • Ergonomic teardrop design and non-slip bottom
  • Adjustable temperature level
  • Automatic shut-off timer from 30 to 90 minutes

9. TISHIJIE Electric Heated Foot Warmer Mat

Portable, energy-efficient, and made of premium floor leather, TISHIJIE’s heated mat is one of the best under desk foot warmers for perpetually cold office workers.

To turn it on, you simply have to press and hold the footswitch for more than two seconds. You can choose from seven temperature levels, starting at 115 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure safe usage, it comes with a three-hour automatic timer.

This foot warmer is not just safe for you but also for your floor. Its bottom has rubber insulation so it doesn’t transfer heat to the floor. It also comes with non-slip particles to keep the mat in place. That’s efficient design for you!

Check the price of this heated mat.

Key features:

  • High-quality, waterproof, wear-resistant floor leather
  • Rubber insulated and non-slip bottom
  • Footswitch with temperature display
  • Seven temperature levels and auto shut-off
  • 55 watts power consumption

10. FIGERM Foot Warmer

At 22 x 20 inches, this comfy flannel warmer by FIGERM is one of the largest under desk foot warmers in the market. This large size allows you to warm up not just your feet but also your legs.

This foot warmer can heat up and relieve soreness not just in your feet but also in your hands, legs, back, and abdomen. This super light, machine-washable heating pad comes with a 10-foot long cord which makes it perfect for cold days in the office or for snuggling in bed.

With three heating levels, this heated pad gives you an instant reprieve from the cold. After two hours, it automatically shuts off to save energy and prevent overheating.

Check the price of this foot heating pad.

Key features:

  • Soft flannel material
  • Three heating levels
  • Auto shut-off
  • Extra-large size
  • Machine washable

11. Amazon Basics 500-Watt Personal Mini Heater

Finally, one of the highest-rated under desk foot warmers is Amazon Basics’ Personal Heater, a compact space heater that’s ideal for small, enclosed spaces.

This mini heater features efficient and naturally-conducive ceramic coils that heat up in seconds. It’s super portable and fits discreetly under the desk, barely making a sound so you won’t disturb your colleagues. This no-fuss heater doesn’t come with temperature controls but can warm you up enough.

This portable foot warmer also comes with a sturdy base and tip-over protection for extra safety. It will automatically when it’s accidentally knocked over so you don’t have to worry about it burning.

Check the price of this space heater.

Key features:

  • Efficient and quick-heating ceramic coils
  • Tip-over protection
  • Small and portable
  • Available in four colors

FAQ about heated foot warmers

Which type of under desk foot warmers is the best?

It depends. Each type of foot warmers has its pros and cons.

If you want something inconspicuous, a heated floor mat like Livtribe heated floor mat is the best choice as it’s flat and barely takes up space. On the other hand, an ergonomic heated footrest such as Fellowes gives you the added benefit of improving your posture.

While you can also use a heated footpad in the office, it’s a better choice for the bedroom as you’d need to take off your shoes when using it. An under desk heater can heat up not just your feet but a bigger area. But compared to the other three, it consumes more energy.

How do you choose the best under desk foot warmers?

Cold feet in socks

This depends on your needs and personal preferences. As mentioned above, all types of foot warmers have their own benefits.

But aside from these, you can also consider the material of the foot warmer. For example, for heated floor mats, do you prefer floor leather or rubber, or carpeted? For footpads, flannel material such as the one in FIGERM foot warmer is great.

Other features worth looking at are temperature settings and overheat protection systems. These include adjustable controls, automatic shut-off timer, and tip-over protection features like in GiveBest’s space heater.

And then there are added benefits like the massage function in footrests and cool fan function in space heaters.

Knowing which features and benefits are in each product, and knowing which ones are more important for you, should help you in choosing which one to buy.

What are the benefits of a good under desk foot heater?

Working in a cold office isn’t just uncomfortable. Having cold feet can affect your focus and productivity. In worst cases, it can be painful.

By using good under desk foot warmers, you can improve your concentration at work and your health. The heat can help improve your blood circulation.

If you’re using an ergonomic heated footrest, it can also help correct your posture. And if your heated foot warmer has a massage function, this can alleviate muscle pain and soreness in the body.

Are heated foot warmers safe to use?

Generally, yes.

Many of these under desk foot warmers have security settings like auto shut-off timer and tip-over protection which protects the product from overheating or burning you or your floor.

But it’s still best to exercise precautions. If your flooring is delicate, make sure your heated floor mat has an insulated bottom.

Furthermore, people with heat sensitivity issues, like those with neuropathy that results from diabetes or other conditions, must be cautious of using foot warmers. Since they have reduced sensation to heat, they may not be able to feel a burn right away.

How much power do under desk foot warmers use?

Out of the four types of under desk foot warmers, the heated floor mat consumes the least energy, which isn’t surprising given its size. A heated floor mat like TISHIJIE only uses 55 watts.

Heated footrests and footpads may consume anywhere from 90 to 250 watts. Because a space heater heats up larger spaces, it also consumes the most energy, with most units consuming 1,500 watts. But there are also mini heaters like Amazon Basics that only use 500 watts.

Other products to keep warm while working

We’ve already established that keeping warm at work does wonders for your productivity and overall disposition. But aside from our feet, our cold hands and arms also need warming up.

For toasty hands and warms, it’s worth considering heated mouse pads and desk mats. Some of these devices can be powered by USB so you can easily use these while working.

Heating pads for office chairs are also great for warming your back. If you want more coverage, heated blankets are your best bet.

socks on feet

There you have it! With all these options, you can cozy up and have a comfy time at work. Warm feet mean happy feet, so go and take your pick from these under desk foot warmers! Stay toasty, folks!

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