8 Best Under-Desk Space Heaters for Warm Feet While Working

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Clocking in your job is one thing, but dealing with a cold, uncomfortable workplace is another. But, if you have an under-desk space heater, you can set those troubles aside.

Say goodbye to chilly feet, and get yourself this modern, portable, and affordable device! Built with an advanced heating mechanism, these appliances safely restore the warmth and comfort of your office space, and are easy to purchase! 

What are under-desk space heaters?

Under-desk space heaters are devices used to generate hot and/or natural air. Often found in the office, these appliances help warm your surroundings, and typically cover smaller spaces. They measure heat using British Thermal Units (BTU) or Watts. 

Small under-desk heater

Depending on their manufacturer’s design, office desk heaters transfer heat through forced air, convection, or radiation. The following features are common to most of these appliances: 

  • Design: Personal heaters come in ceramic (convection), infrared (radiation), and micathermic (hybrid) models. 
  • Size: Most mini desk heaters are smaller in size since they’re built for tight office spaces. In effect, they’re more portable than regular heaters!
  • Energy: As a result of being compact, these devices are more energy-efficient, yielding a power output between 100-1,500 Watts. 

In essence, these appliances come in various shapes and sizes and are similarly packed with many, unique features. Sifting through the market, here are some of the best under-desk heaters I’ve found that can be purchased online!

Top picks

The best under-desk heaters

1. GiveBest Portable Electric Ceramic Space Heater

An all-rounder, the GiveBest ceramic heater is a well-equipped model. Using its 2-in-1 heater fan feature, the device provides two heat levels, as well as one cool air fan—making it perfect for both summer and winter!

GiveBest instantly covers 200 sq ft, as it’s equipped with both a high-speed fan and PTC ceramic heating technology. With proper handling, you’ll have yourself a fully-functional heater.

Key features:

  • Multi-purpose, 2-in-1 heater fan (1500W, 750W, and fan-only).
  • PTC ceramic heating technology and high-speed fan for fast heating. 
  • Thermostat control to automatically turn on/off your device at a preset temperature.
  • Automatic overheating safety shut-off and tip-over protection system.
  • Built-in handle and compact casing.
  • Noise lower than 45dB.
  • Upgraded fire-resistant, abs material.

2. Kismile Small Electric Ceramic Space Heater 

If you hate a long wait, then you’re in luck—because, in just two seconds, the Kismile ceramic heater guarantees long-lasting warmth!

Tiny but powerful, its energy-efficient design helps reduce expenses while heating your room. Be it on a small desk or even inside a large house, its adjustable thermostat and three-heat modes are well-prepared for any setting. 

Though it’s a small under-desk heater, it packs the punch!

Key features:

  • Versatile, three-heat fan setting (1500W, 750W, and fan-only). 
  • PTC energy-efficient technology for two-second heating.
  • Carry handle and compact design, perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Adjustable thermostat to control the device’s 1500W ceramic heating system.
  • Automatic overheat protection system and tip-over switch.
  • Power light indicator.
  • ETL certified.

3. Epabina Electric Ceramic Portable Heater

The Epabina ceramic heater is an easy-to-use, under-the-desk heater for the office. Equipped with three modes, as well as a lateral oscillation feature, it quickly warms up small spaces with precision. 

It’s best characterized by its corded-electric, lightweight design that packs away easily—making it great for indoor use! Ultimately, this quiet, under-desk heater provides instant comfort at an impressive, three-second rate.

Key features:

  • Three, functional heating modes (1500W, 750W, and fan-only).
  • Wide-angle oscillation for better heat dispersal.
  • Energy-efficient technology, which heats small spaces in just three seconds.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable design with a built-in handle.
  • Automatic overheating shut-off function and tip-over switch.
  • Noise lower than 50dB.

4. VEOHAUT Small Electric Ceramic Space Heater

The VEOHAUT ceramic heater is an affordable device for instant comfort! It’s equipped with 60° oscillating electric heaters, which help evenly distribute warmth, even inside average-sized rooms. 

There are slight issues with its temperature knob’s accuracy. Yet, if you aren’t too particular with the level of warmth, you’ll find that it’ll quickly warm up your room and without much cost!

Key features:

  • 60° oscillating electric heaters for even heat distribution.
  • PTC technology for quick, energy-efficient heating. 
  • Built-in handle and perfectly compact size.
  • Adjustable thermostat for heating comfort.
  • Overheating safety shut-off and tip-over protection features.
  • Quiet heating.
  • ETL certified. 

5. TISHIJIE Electric Folding Space Heater

Yup, the TISHIJIE folding heater is exactly what it sounds like. Its light, four-sided mechanism is convenient to carry and store—heating up at an immediate 30 seconds!

This one-of-a-kind electric heater is safe to touch and has a waterproof surface. Rather, the only complaint is its slight plastic smell, as well as its comparatively weaker 200W. Nonetheless, it’s still a unique model that you should look into!

Key features:

  • Waterproof surface.
  • Overheating protection function and auto-off switch (after three hours of use).
  • Four-sided heating feature, with a cover on top for containing heat.
  • Built with carbon crystal heating film, safe to touch.
  • Powered at 200W, with a temperature range of 85-145°F.
  • Easy-to-store, foldable design.
  • Quiet heating.

6. Dreo Electric Ceramic Space Heater

If you’re the type to experiment with new technology, maybe the Dreo ceramic heater is for you! Honing a modern design, it contains a friendly, LED interface, which enables access to its heating mechanism. 

Not to mention, its exclusive ECO mode fully optimizes your device’s digital thermostat while conserving energy! Paired with its 70° oscillation and adjustable thermostat, it’ll warm your desk with precision.

Key features:

  • Three heating modes and one fan mode.
  • 70° oscillation for targeted heating.
  • PTC ceramic heater with detachable filter.
  • Contains a hidden handle for portability. 
  • Easy navigation through its LED display/touch control. 
  • 9-blade fan, emitting noise lower than 40dB.
  • Cool surface made-up of V0 flame-retardant material. 
  • Exclusive ECO mode paired with digital thermostat. 

7. Honeywell HeatGenius Ceramic Space Heater 

If you’re looking for a fully-customized appliance, then the HeatGenius ceramic heater has a lot to offer. Simply access its interface, and you’ll have six heat settings to work with. 

Though without an oscillating fan, the device is packed with radiation, forced air, and convection heating mechanisms that make up for it! Although there is some complaint with the machine’s durability, satisfied customers remark on its efficiency and coverage. 

Key features:

  • Six easily-adjustable heat settings. 
  • Simple interface—just press a button!
  • Adjustable thermostat to your room’s temperature.
  • Multiple safety features: Plastic housing, tip-over and overheat protection, thermally insulated wiring, and auto-off heat timer. 
  • Small and portable design.
  • Quiet heating.

8. Lasko CT16450 Electric Ceramic Space Heater

Unlike other space heaters, the Lasko CT15450 has a uniquely thin design, perfect for tighter nooks!

But don’t be fooled by its size, as its oscillation covers up to 300 sq ft, and is surprisingly built to last! For those who prefer working in peace, its quiet heating mechanism is a definite must-buy.

Key features:

  • Two quiet heat settings for peaceful working(1500W and 900W).
  • Optional widespread oscillation. 
  • Manual thermostat.
  • Fully-assembled package with a built-in handle.
  • Cool surface, with automatic overheat protection.
  • ETL certified.

FAQs about under-desk heaters

What’s the difference between a heater and a space heater?

A “heater” is a broad term, referring to the different equipment used to warm up your surroundings. Central heating systems are the most popular type, being primarily powered by gas or electricity to distribute heat. 

They’re typically found in households; You’ll probably recognize these as boilers, furnaces, or heat pumps. 

On the other hand, space heaters are the subset of smaller devices, which contain electricity or combustion mechanisms to produce hot air. The key difference is that, instead of using transfer ducts, their equipment is compact and portable!

Personal heaters can be gas-powered or electric—the latter being more common nowadays, as they only require a wall socket to function.

Long feet heater

How do you choose the best under-desk heaters?

When choosing a personal heater for the office, it’s important that you value your safety as much as your equipment’s functionality. For what it’s worth you wouldn’t want your device to tip over or overheat!


Here are some hazards you should keep in mind when making your purchase:

  • Overheating: The most notorious risk factor, heaters can start fires if you aren’t careful enough. For your protection, get a device with automatic shut-off features.
  • Tilting: Some appliances are hot to the touch—and tipping your heater only increases the danger! However, if your device has a tip-off switch, it will automatically shut down at the slightest nudge. 


To maximize your heater’s utility, you’d want to get a device that is both compact and energy-efficient. In selecting a model, consider the following factors: 

  • Size: Provided that you’re keeping these under your desk, make sure to measure the space it’ll occupy. Consider your proximity to power outlets, as well as your workplace accommodations. 
  • Wattage: The general rule of thumb is that, the larger the heater, the more heat it produces—but the more energy it consumes! In this case, you must decide between two options: A heater that covers more space, or a heater that’s easier on your electric bill. (If you’re lucky, you’ll find some models that meet in the middle!) 
  • Degree of Oscillation: Heaters with good oscillating features can cover larger areas.
  • Added Features: Viewing the list above, some devices come with extra tools—such as built-in handles or digital interfaces—to further enhance your experience.

Is it safe to put a space heater under the desk?

As the name suggests, space heaters are meant for office use—so yes, it’s generally safe to place them under your desk. In fact, most models are designed for flat surfaces and should be non-flammable. 

However, since you’re dealing with heat, it’s always best to practice caution. To care for yourself and your appliance, take note of these safety guidelines:

  • To avoid tipping, place your device on a flat surface.
  • Keep away from flammable materials, such as cloth, paper, wood, and gasoline. 
  • Position ceramic space heaters at a 2-3 inch distance from walls. 
  • For added protection, keep yourself and other objects (eg. furniture, curtains, and upholstery) three feet away from the appliance. Always supervise kids and pets. 
  • To prevent burns, avoid touching your heater (especially the metal grid). If the surface gets too hot, don’t use it—dispose or return instead.
  • Be it at home or at work, never leave your device unattended. When not in use, it’s best to turn it off.  
Small space heater

Are under-desk space heaters a fire hazard?

It’s generally safe to use space heaters under desks. However, cases of overheating, tipping-over, and burns are certainly risks to be concerned with.

Fortunately, with the right amount of caution, you can easily prevent fire hazards! Here are some quick tips:

  • Before use, be sure to check its plugs, wires, and cords.
  • Always directly connect to power outlets. Using an extension cord might melt your plug. 
  • Monitor your heater’s temperature settings.
  • Keep away from flammable objects. 
  • And again, most importantly: Never leave your device unsupervised. 

How can I clean my under-desk heater? 

Luckily, there isn’t much to it! To quickly remove dust, simply wipe its front
and back sides using a damp cloth. If the dirt is particularly stubborn, use a blow dryer (with a narrow nozzle) to blow-away remnants. 

Other products to keep your feet warm while working

Under-desk space heaters work perfectly against the cold—but what if that’s not enough? Luckily, these aren’t your only solution for chilly climates.

In fact, there are plenty of affordable resources available, nowadays, that keep you safe, warm, and dry! 

Under-Desk Foot Warmers

Foot heaters are devices that warm up your legs and feet, often through direct contact. Typically, these appliances have a lower wattage but are easier on your energy budget.

Heated Floor Mats

Composed of heavy-duty rubber, floor leather, or carpeted rug, heated floor mats are designed to heat around your legs. Just plug them in a nearby socket, and you’ll have a warm, radiant surface in no time! 

Heated Footrests

On the other hand, heated footrests are slightly elevated for added ergonomic support. With added features—such as massage functions and cushioned surfaces—you’re bound for relaxation, despite the cold. 

Heated Foot Pads

Made of soft, cotton material, these bedroll-like devices engulf your feet—giving you full warmth and coverage!


Of course, bulking-up your layers are the traditional way of keeping warm. These are just some of the most popular heated apparel for the cold weather: 

Heated Slippers

Cover up your toes completely with heated slippers, an ingenious invention! 

These come in two models, namely: Corded electric, which provides longer-lasting warmth, and; Microwavable, which allows more freedom of movement. 

Toe Warmers

Toe warmers are essentially small pouches that contain iron. Simply give one a shake, and it’ll heat (via oxidation) as high as 165°F, and last for up to 8 hours! 

Just be sure to wear socks or boots while in use, since direct contact might cause burns.

Wool Socks

A classic intervention, wool socks come highly recommended for the cold. They provide more insulation, easily fit inside shoes, are both water-repellant and absorbent, and are very soft!

Other ways to keep your workspace warm

Girl in warm workspace

Apart from keeping your toes toasty, I also recommend that you maintain a warm workspace. Under-desk heaters primarily target small sections of your room, so for added comfort, you’ll need a bit more equipment.

Properly insulate your workspace

While heating-up your desk is one thing, maintaining your room’s overall warmth is another.

To keep away from cold, seal the holes and/or ducts in your work area, and don’t forget to close your windows and doors. In addition, always check for faulty equipment in your heating system.

This might seem like a lot of work, but trust me—good insulation has its benefits! A study cites that, with proper maintenance, you can even save up to 20% of energy expenses.

Get heating pads

Now, you’ve already heard of heated footpads—but what if I told you they’ve got other models as well? 

Be it your table, seat, or device, there are endless applications to these warming mechanisms!

  • Heated Mouse Pads: With a heated mouse pad, you can say goodbye to frozen fingertips! Often made from fleece, this warming equipment bundles up your whole hand and wrist.
  • Hand-Warming Mouse: Don’t confuse this with the former. Hand-warming mouses have built-in heating mechanisms that target your palm, as you work. 
  • Heated Desk Pads: Made of rubber, PVC, or leather, these desk pads provide maximum comfort by evenly heating up your workspace.
  • Heating Pads for Office Chairs: Equipped for ergonomic support, these heating pads likewise soothe back pains and improve posture while warming your body. 

For your safety, most devices are equipped with an auto-off feature, after extended use. 

Update your office getup

Store-bought items with modern interventions have given us many ways to cope with the cold. 

If you want to get snug inside your office, earmuff headphones and throw blankets are my top picks. Pair these with a hot drink container, and you’re all set for a chilly day!

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