Do Heated Socks Really Work? Here’s the Answer

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In cold weather, you’re more likely to feel tired and worn out due to the lack of sun exposure. You’re also expected to feel more pain in your feet as the temperature drops because the cold causes the blood vessels to contract, affecting the blood flow to your extremities. 

But I’m here to do more than just explain the science behind your agony. Heated socks actually offer a practical solution that can help you fight off the harsh weather while enjoying the warmth and comfort. 

Man wearing heated socks

So, do heated socks work?

Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, heated socks can allow you to engage in several outdoor activities that are typically more challenging if your feet are cold. So think of how comfortable you’ll be whether you’re skiing or hunting because these electric socks will keep your feet toasty. 

Do heated socks help circulation?

Not big on outdoor adventures? Heated socks can still help you enjoy your time to the maximum, whether you’re working or chilling at home. By widening the blood vessels, blood flows better to your toes.

This is why heated socks represent a great solution to older people who suffer from circulatory issues. They can also help diabetic patients feel more comfortable and less pain

How do heated socks work?

To the untrained eye, heated socks look exactly like the regular ones. But there’s something hidden in them that makes all the difference. 

Inside each sock, there’s a hidden heating panel that can be located across the length of the sock, at the toes, or at the heel to provide warmth and maintain the temperature of your feet when the cold weather hits. 

This heating element connects to a battery to provide heat as needed. And the whole construction is waterproof and water-resistant, so your socks stay functional even if they get damp due to sweat. 

I really love heated socks because you can use them with any type of footwear, just like regular socks. They cancel the need for wearing several socks on top of each other, which is something I’ve personally tried in a sub-zero climate. They’re comfortable, reliable, and will keep your feet as warm as you need them to be. 

Woman working on bed with heated socks

How warm do they get?

Many heated socks provide various levels of heat, so you can choose the high, medium, or low setting based on your personal preferences. This is also good news for you if your feet are sensitive to touch

You can either control the temperature setting using a remote control or a smart app downloaded to your phone. In some cases, your electric socks can provide a single heat setting, but this will also work because they’ll keep your feet as warm as you need them to be. 

Are they safe to use?

Yes, they are. You can control the heat setting for maximum safety, so your electric socks will always feel comfortable. At the same time, they’re waterproof, so you’re perfectly safe to wear them while skiing, fishing, hunting, or practicing any outdoor activity where your shoes are likely to get wet. 

How long do heated socks last?

With proper maintenance, your heated socks will last as long as your high-quality regular socks will last. You need to wash your heated socks to avoid bad odor and fungal infections, but you should remove the battery pack first. 

Follow the recommended maintenance instructions and don’t wring the socks or put them in the washing machine as this can damage the internal wiring. 

Blue heated socks on man

What are the best electric heated socks?

On my quest to find the best heated socks, I’ve encountered a few models that check all the right boxes. 

SNOW DEER Upgraded Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks need about 3 to 4 hours to be fully recharged and can keep your feet warm for six hours. The temperature can be adjusted into three settings for maximum convenience. 

PBOX Heated Socks can work for up to 10 hours when they’re fully recharged. But that’s not what makes them exceptionally useful. You can actually use an app to control how hot these socks can be. 

For even more options, check out this list of the best rechargeable socks.

Are heated socks worth it?

Yes, they are. Heated socks can keep your feet warm and comfortable. Of course, they cost a little bit more than your regular socks, but the warmth they deliver is priceless. 

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