12 Best Heated Cycling Gloves to Keep Your Hands Warm

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If you like embarking on leisurely bike rides during winter, you should definitely consider getting a pair of heated gloves for cycling. 

Not only do these gloves offer you protection against the harsh, dry winter air, but they also allow you to cycle and travel around more safely during the coldest months of the year. 

Looking for your first (or next) pair of heated cycling gloves? Let us point you in the direction of our top picks for the 12 best heated cycling gloves to keep your hands warm! 

What are heated cycling gloves?

Heated cycling gloves

Heated cycling gloves are pretty self-explanatory. These are basically thermal winter gloves that provide heat when you wear and activate them.

However, unlike regular winter gloves, such as the knitted gloves your family gives you for Christmas, heated cycling gloves are often designed to be durable, flexible, and functional. This means keeping hands warm and insulated without compromising mobility. Some of them are even pretty high-tech! 

If it’s your first time being exposed to these forms of winter wear, don’t fret. Let’s check out some of these heated cycling gloves together!  

Best overall heated cycling gloves

1. SEALSKINZ Heated Cycling Gloves

When it comes to winter wear to keep you warm, Sealskinz is easily one of the most highly-rated brands in the market. Their heated cycling gloves are no different, providing excellent protection from the cold whenever you’re out cycling during winter. 

These battery-powered gloves come with three levels of heating and can last between five to six hours on a full charge. The adjustable hook and loop strap allows you to fully insulate your hands in a nice form-fitting glove without compromising on dexterity. 

In addition, they are also windproof and waterproof, making them some of the best heated gloves for mountain biking! 

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Key features:

  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Adjustable cuff for a better fit
  • Long-lasting batteries 

2. SNOW DEER Heated Gloves

Another popular brand of heated cycling gloves is Snow Deer, one of the leading producers of electric-powered winter wear.

Their heated gloves come with three temperature settings, making them adaptable to different temperatures and conditions. With heating wires that run through the entire glove, Snow Deer’s heated bike gloves will keep your entire hand warm as you paddle around the great outdoors. 

What’s more, the gloves feature highly responsive touch sensors which allow you to use your phone without having to remove your gloves in the bitter cold.

The sheep leather and polyester material also make the gloves highly durable and suitable for skiing or for a motorbike ride through snow-covered roads. 

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Key features:

  • Very good insulation
  • Heating with different temperature settings
  • Sensitive touch sensors on the thumb and index finger
  • Durable material that lasts for a long time

3. CASTELLI Perfetto Ros Gloves

One of the most important aspects of heated bicycle gloves is whether or not you are able to get a good grip of the handlebar while you’re riding. To that end, Castelli’s Perfetto Ros Gloves checks all the boxes. 

Made with the best water-repellant and windproof fabric, Castelli’s heated winter gloves ensure that your hands stay dry even as you cycle through harsh winter conditions. What’s more, the lightweight fleece lining offers good insulation and warmth without compromising on dexterity. 

There are also silicone dots on the inside of the palm to improve your grip. In other words, you’ll be able to cycle comfortably even after layering up. 

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Key features:

  • State-of-the-art wind and water-resistant material
  • Light weight gloves that offer maximum dexterity
  • Silicone dots for better grip

4. SAVIOR Heated Gloves

Another good pair of heated cycling gloves that are lightweight yet effective is this pair from Savior

These battery-powered, ultra-thin gloves provide three different warmth settings, easily controllable by the push of a button on the back of the hand. Depending on usage, the battery lasts between two to seven hours, which is more than enough time for a leisurely bike ride in winter. 

Similar to Castelli’s gloves, Savior Heated Gloves are lined with soft fleece material that feels comfortable and light. With an adjustable buckle and a pulley string, the gloves are a snug fit for most sizes and provide excellent insulation from the winter cold.

And yes, they are also water-resistant and come with sensitive touch sensors. 

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Key features:

  • Light weight feel and super easy to use
  • Adjustable cuff to ensure maximum insulation
  • Batteries can last a long time depending on usage

5. GORE WEAR C3 Gore-tex Infinium Stretch Mid Gloves

The Gore brand is often associated with heated winter wear because their trademark fabrics are the gold standard when it comes to insulation. Needless to say, their heated bicycle gloves also live up to that standard. 

The key feature of the Gore C3 Gore-Tex Infinium gloves is the well-balanced feel. Despite looking as thin as a pair of woven gloves, they are capable of effectively shielding your hands from the bitter cold and are completely windproof, which is an important feature when it comes to heated gloves for cycling. 

Because of the lack of bulk, these gloves also provide a firm grip on the handlebar as well as dexterity. The only downside to these gloves is that they rely mostly on your own body heat, meaning you can’t control the temperature settings. Despite this, it is still one of the best heated bicycle gloves out there at the moment. 

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Key features:

  • Super-thin gloves that are lightweight and easy to put on
  • Durable and offers incredible protection the winter wind
  • Firm grip thanks to the silicone strands on each finger 

Best heated cycling gloves for extreme cold

6. PEARL IZUMI Ride Pro AmFIB Lobster Gloves

Lobster gloves may not look like the most comfortable pair of heated cycling gloves, but when the temperature dips and it gets really chilly, it’s one of the best things to keep your hands warm. 

The PRO AmFIB from Pearl Izumi is great for trapping heat, especially during harsh winter conditions. While it may not be as dexterous as normal-shaped gloves, it is certainly more maneuverable than mittens. Not to mention that it’s super comfy too! 

Despite its odd shape, Pearl Izumi’s lobster gloves actually work pretty well as a pair of heated gloves for cycling. The V-shaped finger pockets actually help with shifting and braking while riding!

Most importantly, given how visibility can plummet during a harsh winter spell, the top of these gloves feature fully reflective material to help other road users see you. 

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Key features:

  • Great heat retention and comfy fit
  • Reflective surface on top for improved safety during low visibility
  • Good dexterity for bicycle riding 

7. DAY WOLF Heated Gloves

Not all winter gloves that are designed to withstand extreme weather have to be super thick and bulky. These heated bicycle gloves from Day Wolf certainly prove that with their super thin profile. 

By using high-quality polyester and an inner velvet lining, Day Wolf has managed to offer users a durable glove that is effective in beating back the bitter cold while still providing great dexterity and comfort.

If, for some reason, you find yourself needing multiple layers to stay warm, the gloves’ thin profile allows you to slip on an extra pair of gloves for even better protection. 

The battery-powered gloves come with different levels of warmth, with the highest setting reaching a toasty 140° F (or 60° C). It is also fully insulated and waterproof, while the touch sensors on the thumb and index finger allow you to use your smartphone with ease.

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Key features:

  • Thin but durable design
  • Adaptable fit and can be used as an inner glove layer in extreme weather conditions
  • Provides sufficient warmth and batteries last for a long time

8. QILOVE Rechargeable Heated Gloves

If you’re looking for heated gloves for mountain biking, then Qilove’s Rechargeable Heated Gloves are your best bet. 

Thanks to its thick polyester material, the gloves offer plenty of warmth and provide maximum protection against the wind, which is extremely helpful when cycling downhill or when skiing.

With the heating element located near the base, you can move your fingers without worrying about damaging the gloves. 

The high cuffs also ensure that the gloves will pair well with any kind of jacket or winter wear. The adjustable strap allows for a good fit for any size while the inner fleece lining ensures that your hands remain comfortable throughout your winter adventure. 

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Key features:

  • Thick polyester material ensures maximum warmth in harsh winters
  • Great insulation and water resistance
  • Comfortable fleece lining and customizable fit 

Best budget heated cycling gloves

9. AUTOCASTLE Rechargeable Electric Battery Heated Gloves

Not all heated gloves for cycling need to cost a small fortune! There are plenty of top-quality wallet-friendly gloves in the market. One such model is this pair of battery-powered gloves from Autocastle. 

Easy to slip on with a quick warm-up time, Autocastles’s heated gloves come with anti-slip technology to help you improve your grip as you navigate the slippery winter roads. The wind and waterproof gloves also allow you to use your phone without having to remove your gloves. 

With multiple temperature settings that you can modify with the simple push of a button, these heated gloves are one of the best when it comes to both price and quality. With a long cuff that extends up most of your forearm, it also offers more protection than many other gloves that you might find. 

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Key features:

  • Easy to put on
  • Starts with the push of a button with simple controls to switch between heat settings
  • Affordable options with proven quality

10. SUN WILL Battery Heated Gloves

Sun Will’s battery-powered heated gloves for cycling are thin and offer sufficient warmth to make them suitable for almost any kind of leisurely outdoor activity in the snow. It is extremely popular among avid cyclists who appreciate the mobility that the gloves provide. 

The heating mechanism is easy to control and the warmth lasts a very long time even after the power is switched off. This is thanks to the great insulating material that lines the inside of the glove. What’s more, the ergonomic design also provides for a comfortable experience, even when worn for long hours. 

There is also a reflective strip on the back of the hand as an added safety measure. However, although the touch sensors do allow you to use your phones, we found that they are sometimes not as sensitive as some other gloves.

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Key features:

  • Easy to put on
  • Starts with the push of a button with simple controls to switch between heat settings
  • Affordable options with proven quality

11. SPRING Electric Heated Gloves

When it comes to wallet-friendly heated cycling gloves, this model from Spring is arguably one of the best options for those on a tight budget. However, despite its lightweight price tag, it more than delivers in terms of quality. 

While the gloves won’t necessarily hold up in extremely harsh conditions, these battery-powered gloves are perfect for mild-to-moderate winters.

They come with three temperature settings (controllable via a button on the glove) and are largely water-resistant and windproof. The thick cotton lining also provides a warm and comfortable fit, even when the power is off. 

Unfortunately, we found the touch sensors to be a bit wanting. While you probably won’t have an issue answering calls, don’t expect to post any updates on social media without making a few typos. That said, the gloves do perform surprisingly well when it comes to dexterity. 

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Key features:

  • Extremely affordable 
  • Starts with the push of a button with simple controls to switch between heat settings
  • Affordable options with proven quality

Bonus: Best heated cycling gloves for kids

12. CEVAPRO Kids Heated Gloves

It can sometimes be challenging to find good heated cycling gloves for kids. After all, they need to fit just right to provide protection from the cold without being too tight as to hinder mobility. If you’re still in the market for the perfect pair, then check out these gloves from Cevapro

Made using thermal insulation cotton and light polyester fiber that is both wind and water-resistant, these gloves can keep the hands of your little ones warm even in subzero temperatures. Because of this, they’re the perfect heated gloves for cycling and skiing with children. 

In addition, the lightweight nature of the glove also makes wearing it comfortable, which is something that kids will definitely appreciate. The knitted fabric also makes for a comfortable fit for most hand sizes, especially combined with the stretchy cuff that can be easily adjusted. 

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Key features:

  • Adjustable size that makes them suitable for children
  • Firm grip and weather-proof material provides good insulation and safety
  • Well-rounded functionality and a comfortable fit 

Choosing your heated cycling gloves

So, having gone through our recommendations, you’re probably wondering: How do I pick a suitable pair of heated cycling gloves? 

Of course, since everyone uses their gloves differently, I can’t provide you with a definitive answer. However, if you are planning to buy your first pair of heated gloves for cycling, skiing, or any other winter activity, consider these factors before you make the purchase. 

The weather

When I was studying in Switzerland, I always had a few pairs of winter gloves in my bag. That’s because the weather during winter can change very quickly and drastically. No two winters are the same, not even in the same place. 

That’s why, when you’re buying your gloves, you need to consider the weather conditions of where you’ll be traveling or biking in. Most gloves offer adequate heat, but if you’re visiting harsh terrain, you may need to invest in gloves that offer added warmth. Temperature control becomes an important factor too. 

Wind and waterproof 

In addition to heat settings, you will also need to consider the insulation and whether or not the gloves you want can protect you from the wind and from moisture during winter. 

While most gloves made with polyester fabric are water and wind-resistant, some are better suited for the demands of cycling in winter than others. However, you also need to ensure that the material is breathable to allow adequate airflow. You wouldn’t want your hands to stink of sweat, do you?

Maneuverability and accessibility 

Finally, a good pair of heated cycling gloves offer good maneuverability and accessibility. You need to be able to move your hands freely without feeling like they’re being confined. A good grip is a good thing to look out for too. 

What’s more, you might also prefer heated gloves that allow you to use your smartphone without taking them off. 

Frequency of use

Admittedly, heated gloves are the sort of clothing you’ll wear for only one season. So one of the questions you need to consider is how often you’ll be using them. Durable gloves can last for years if taken care of properly but they usually come with a steeper price. 

On the other hand, budget-friendly heated gloves are more suitable for occasional use. If you’re cycling or heading out daily, opt for a good-quality pair that will last you a considerable amount of time. Other things to pay attention to are the battery life and charging conditions. 

Woman wearing heated cycling gloves

FAQs about heated cycling gloves

Are heated gloves really that helpful?

It would depend on the weather and also your activities in winter. While you probably won’t need any gloves for a stroll in the city, heated gloves for cycling are extremely useful and essential. 

While you’re cycling, there is bound to be plenty of wind as you propel forward. Without proper gloves, the dry winter air can easily do a number on your hands. So if you’re someone who likes to cycle during winter, or you’re planning a ski trip, heated gloves are highly recommended! 

Will my gloves be able to keep me warm?

Most heated gloves are made from synthetic fabrics that are great insulators of heat. Many of them, especially battery-powered gloves, are able to provide adequate warmth in most situations, even in harsh winter conditions. 

If you still find your hands to be cold, some heated cycling gloves are thin enough to be worn as inner gloves while you layer up with a winter mitten. Rest assured, if you invest in a good pair of heated gloves, it will definitely be able to keep your hands warm and toasty. 

How cold should it be before I put on heated gloves?

It depends on you. Different people have different levels of tolerance to cold. Some may also have certain medical conditions that make heated gloves a necessity whenever the weather turns chilly. If you feel cold, just put them on. 

How do you use heated gloves?

Most gloves these days are extremely easy to use. Simply slide them on and you’re done! If you’re using a battery-powered electric glove, there’s usually a switch that activates the heating elements in the glove. You will likely also be able to use it to control the temperature settings. 

What happens if my gloves get wet?

Don’t worry too much because most heated gloves for cycling are made with a water-resistant material. However, should your gloves get wet, don’t panic. The heating system should be able to dry it out. If your gloves aren’t battery-powered, just make sure to hang them until dry when you get home. 

Needless to say, you should avoid getting the gloves wet, especially if they’re battery-powered. 

How long do heated gloves last?

How long your gloves last generally depends on the quality of your purchase and how you take care of them. The frequency of use is also another important factor. Generally, a good pair of heated bicycle gloves should last you at least a couple of years even with frequent usage.

And voila: The best heated gloves for cycling to keep your hands warm during winter! If you’re heading out for a romantic bike ride in winter, make sure to layer up! For extra protection, pair your gloves with heated vests and heated insoles for extra warmth and comfort! 

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