5 Best Heated Desk Pads to Keep Your Arms Warm While Working

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If you’re a 9-5er, you know that shivering at your desk isn’t fun. Working in what feels like sub-zero temperatures is the last thing you want for your productivity.

Unfortunately, even your work-from-home setup can still feel chilly, especially in the middle of winter. What you need is a heated desk pad or mat to keep you sufficiently warm.

a heated desk pad on the table

Why get a heated desk pad?

Seriously, why not?

I bet you know exactly what it feels like to work during long, cold days. It’s challenging enough to be productive, especially when you have a lot of work piled up and a deadline to beat. Using a central heating system is costly, too.

Some people just naturally get cold easily and nobody can concentrate properly under discomfort. That’s why a heated desk mat is the perfect add-on accessory to get an extra dash of warmth.

A heated desk mat is typically a faux or PVC leather surface that integrates an electric heating system inside. It’s designed to lay across your desk and it often comes with a rubber backside to keep it from slipping.

Now that you know what a heated desk pad is, let’s go through your options. Below are some of the “hottest” picks in the market right now!

Best heated desk pads

1. Olidik Heated Desk Pad

The ergonomically designed Olidik desk pad has a 3-speed touch control feature. It can warm up to 104℉ (low), 113℉ (mid), and 122℉ (high), shown by blue, green, and orange lights respectively.

This heating pad is made with PVC materials and has a rubber back that prevents it from slipping. It’s waterproof, so you can still enjoy that much necessary piping hot cup of joe without worrying about spillage.

Besides its FCC and UL certification, this 31 x 13 inches heated desk pad automatically shuts off after four hours, making it very safe for everyday use. What’s more, when the heat setting is turned off, you can use it as a regular keyboard and mouse pad for the rest of the year.

You can even use it as a foot warmer if the occasion calls for it. Talk about multi-purpose!

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Key features:

  • Automatic turn off function after four hours of use
  • Efficient light-indicated three heat options
  • Large heating area
  • Heats up in as fast as 15 seconds
  • Multifunctional desk pad, mouse pad, and foot warmer

2. Office Décor Heated Mouse and Desk Pad 

This other heated mouse and desk pad by Olidik has a double-layer sheet that heats up quickly. In fact, it can warm up as fast as 15 seconds and then maintain a balanced heat across the surface for a good four hours.

You can choose your preferred temperature from three levels, from a minimum of 104°F to a peak temperature of 122°F. You can also keep it at a standby state to maintain the same temperature for four hours until the device turns off automatically.

Another unique and handy feature is the sedentary reminder function that flashes seven times after an hour of use. This helps remind you to not be glued to your desk for long periods of time. Plus, it has an insulated plate at the bottom so it won’t damage your desk.

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Key features:

  • Three heat level settings
  • Sedentary reminder function
  • Four-hour automatic timer
  • Built-in shock protection
  • Certified safe by CE, ROHS, and FCC

3. Madala Heated Large Mouse/Desk Pad 

This extra-large desk mat by Madala packs huge features. Made of good quality, waterproof, anti-scratch faux leather and stitched over the edges, you can be sure that you use it for several years.

Madala’s heated desk pad offers steady temperatures in high (122°F), mid (113°F), and low (104°F), which you can easily control. It has just about the heat to keep your fingers from freezing during wintry days of beating the deadlines.

This heated desk mat is 31.50 x 12 inches in size and it fits most standard office computer desks. Even better, it can also function as a foot warmer. Pretty nifty, right?

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Key features:

  • Protective film layer for added cushion 
  • Made of excellent quality waterproof leather
  • Three heat levels
  • Heats up quickly
  • Excellent replacement and refund process

4. SLYUCAO Warm Heated Desk Pad 

I don’t know about you but I love versatile devices. SLYCAO’s desk heating pad is definitely one, as it can also be used as a mouse pad or foot warmer. Measuring 31 x 13 inches, this desk pad is made of premium PVC material and has edge-stitching for added durability.

You won’t have to worry about stiff fingers because this heated desk mat can warm up in as fast as 10 seconds. You can choose between three heat settings and not worry about overheating because it also has a four-hour automatic timer.

Another cool characteristic of this desk heating pad is the waterproof layer, which fends off accidental electric shocks and other safety-compromising events. This heating pad is definitely a winter must-have.

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Key features:

  • 10 second warm up time
  • Three heat settings and automatic shut-off feature
  • Can be used as a mouse pad or a foot warmer
  • Prevents electric shocks 
  • Waterproof and anti-seepage 

5. Tulpock Warm Desk Pad (Black) 

With safety certifications by FCC, CE, and RoHS, Tulpock heated desk pad is the perfect gift for that colleague who just seems to be always cold.

This simple yet durable desk pad is made with thick PVC and faux leather material. It also has a thicker PU back panel and is resistant to scratch and other pressures. And we love that it heats up quickly.

Choosing the temperature is also easy with its one-touch technology. This heated desk pad comes with a controller for three heat levels, an auto-off feature, and a sedentary reminder function.

You can use this heated desk pad throughout the year because you can easily turn it on and off. It can also function as a mat for napping or feet warming, and as a knee cover. Plus, it’s not only ideal for working but also for studying and gaming.

Check the price of this heated desk pad.

Key features:

  • Three heat settings and automatic timer
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Functional and multi-purpose
  • Waterproof and with non-slip insulation bottom plate
  • Certified safe by CE, ROHS, and FCC


How do you choose the best heated desk pad?

Heated desk pads are steadily gaining popularity nowadays. We can expect that we’ll see more of these products in the years to come.

Upon buying, consider the size, material, and extra features like auto switch-off period. Safety is a priority, so also check the heat settings and the mats’ heat-up time. It is always a matter of personal choice, but do research and read beforehand. We also advise you to always buy from reputable stores and brand names.

Can heating pads be dangerous?

Heating pads release heat and yes, they can be dangerous if manufactured poorly and used improperly.

There are always do’s and don’ts when using heating pads and it’s important to keep in mind all the safety precautions when using them.

It’s also in your best interest to buy heating pads with automatic shut-off features and ones with safety certifications to avoid accidents.

What is the usual temperature reached by a heated desk pad?

As a general rule of thumb, the standard maximum temperature is 122°F and the lowest is 104°F. A heated desk pad also warms quickly, usually only between 10-15 seconds.

Can I use a heating pad to warm my food and other things?

Some heating pads are intended for multiple uses. It’s best to check the product description before making a purchase.

Can I roll up a heating pad?

No. Folding or rolling your heating pad can cause damage to its inner layers which may stop it from functioning properly. 

What are other ways to keep warm while on your desk?

Staying warm by using a good ol’ poncho or blanket may not be enough but lucky for us, there are a lot of commercialized heating items available in the market now.

Heated mouse pads, heated vests and gloves, and heated desk mats are among your choices to keep the chills away from your hands and arms. But if it’s your feet that need warming up, consider getting a heated floor mat, heated footrest, or under desk heaters.

To keep your back toasty, try heated chair pads or bundle up with a heated blanket.

You can say goodbye to frozen hands (or feet) with these heated desk pads! If you have a colleague who always complains about the cold, why don’t you be a peach and buy him/her one of these? If you are that colleague, then you know what to do. Cozy, toasty times are just a few clicks away!

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