How Do Heated Vests Work? Your Questions Answered

Humans are wired to seek warmth and comfort, but some of us enjoy facing the challenges of nature and aren’t afraid to head outside in the chilly weather. 

But you don’t have to freeze if you’re an adventure enthusiast. Preparing for the weather and picking the right gear and equipment will enable you to experience the fierce side of nature safely. 

Luckily, outdoor apparel keeps on evolving to address the needs of those who like to face challenges. And in recent years, heated vests have definitely gained my attention. 

usb wire in heated vest

So, how do heated vests work?

Heated vests look just like regular vests, but they feature a battery and a heating element. The battery releases an electric charge that later transfers to the heating element. The electric energy transforms into heat energy, and the element emits heat that is trapped by the fibers in the vest. 

The vest doesn’t get too hot or uncomfortable. It will keep your body warm when you’re outside in the cold weather by heating your core. The warmth radiates to the rest of your body, even if you’re not using any other heated garments. 

Are heated vests safe?

As long as you’re buying a high-quality heated vest, it’ll be safe to use. 

I know that the word “electricity” might be intimidating to some, but these electric vests aren’t going to electrocute you. The electric charge that passes through the vest is too weak to cause any damage. And the heat passes through the carbon fibers safely, so nothing gets in touch with your body. 

Black heated electric vest

Are heated vests good for you?

Yes, they are. Heated vests offer something that layers of ordinary clothing can’t offer. They keep your body toasty, so you can stay focused, which is crucial while you’re outside in the cold. 

Being tired and sleepy when it’s cold hits different when you’re camping or hiking. If you fall asleep without being adequately protected, you might be in great danger. 

But heated vests improve your performance and keep your muscles warm, so you can move better. Moreover, your muscles will be less prone to injury because they’re warm. 

Thanks to heated vests, your adventure will continue no matter how challenging the weather is. 

How do you wear a heated vest?

After getting your heated vest out of its package, you need to check the battery. In some cases, your battery will come partially charged, but you’d want to bring it to a full charge before putting your vest on. 

Next, put on your heated vest like you’d wear a regular vest and get the battery. Insert it into the pouch and connect it to the wire in your vest, and then switch on the power button. You can also change the heat setting if your vest comes with one. 

Man wearing a black heated vest

How long does a heated vest take to warm up?

Once you have switched on the battery, you’ll immediately start feeling the warmth radiating from the vest to your front, back and sides.

Of course, how warm it feels depends on how cold the weather actually is, but in general, it takes less than a couple of minutes before your body has warmed up, even if you’re not using the highest heat setting. 

How long do heated vests last?

When it comes to durability, high-quality vests are specifically designed to withstand harsh weather and demanding activities. They’ll last as much as regular vests do if you’re maintaining them properly. 

Once the battery is fully charged, a good heated vest can provide continuous heat for about 10 hours. Of course, this depends on the quality of the battery and the heat setting you choose. If you choose a lower heat setting, the vest will stay warm for a little longer. 

Can you wear heated vests in the rain?

If your vest is water-resistant, you can definitely wear it in rainy weather. It’ll be able to handle a few splashes of water while you’re camping or hiking. 

However, not all heated vests are waterproof. They won’t be able to withstand very harsh rain, and you shouldn’t submerge the heated vest in water as long as the battery is connected, as this can damage the battery and wiring. 

Man wearing a fashionable heated vest

What are the best heated vests on the market?

Heated vests come in different models to suit the needs of every outdoor enthusiast. Some of them are specific for certain activities, while others are extremely versatile and can be worn while you’re running errands, enjoying a walk, or spending a night in a tent. 

I’ve gathered information about a lot of heated vests that can help you beat the cold weather, and I’ve come to like these models more than others. 

The Foxelli Men’s Heated Vest looks elegant and will keep you warm for up to eight hours. What I personally like about this one is that it comes with a heating pad around the neck that can make you let go of scarves that might get in the way while you’re enjoying your time outside.

Outdoor fun isn’t restricted to men, and women also have their special gear to keep them comfortable and warm. The TIDEWE Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest is specifically designed to fit the needs of adventure-loving ladies and offers a contoured fit to suit a woman’s body. It will keep your body warm for up to ten hours and comes with a power bank that allows you to charge the vest’s battery and your phone at the same time. 

For even more options, check out this list of the best heated vests.

Are heated vests worth it?

Yes, they are. They’re elegant, practical to wear, and will keep your body toasty in extreme weather conditions. All you have to do is make sure that you’re investing in a high-quality vest, and you’ll never look back. 

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