6 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm While Sitting at a Desk

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Chunky clothes season is finally upon us! I just love how my desk looks during this time of the year. I love drinking hot chocolate, with those little marshmallows. But one thing I don’t love is how my feet freeze all the time at work.

There are so many reasons why this happens. One of them is decreased circulation. Now, if you sit for eight hours a day at your desk like me, you might know what I’m talking about. 

So, here are six ways to keep feet warm while at your desk:

1. Do some light exercises

light exercises in front of work desk

This is a good way to get your blood flowing. It’s also a nice five-minute break to reset your brain and warm up your cold feet in the office. 

There are so many variations of exercise that you could do at your office. Here are some of them:

  • Take a walk in your office corridor
  • Climb up a flight of stairs
  • Go for a quick bike ride
  • Replace your chair with an exercise ball
  • Practice 10 minutes of yoga
  • Stretch or move while you sit on your desk
  • Take turns sitting and standing while you work

You have to keep moving. This is a guaranteed way of warming up your cold feet at the desk. The more you move, the less you’ll suffer from freezing limbs.

2. Invest in a foot heater

A small foot heater

This is the easy way out. Get yourself an under-desk space heater. It will help save you the effort of having to exercise. It’s also pretty compact, so it’ll fit perfectly right under your desk. 

It’s also worth noting that under-desk heaters are quiet, so you don’t have to worry about noise.

This little foot heater by GiveBest will heat up your toes in no time, and don’t worry about any burns, either. It regulates the temperature very well. It’s as safe as they come. 

3. Add some spice to your meals

A spicy soupy meal

Spicy food? Yes, you read that right. Hot peppers will give you hot feet. Plain and simple. 

All jokes aside, though, spicy foods do increase blood circulation levels. They tend to warm up your whole body. They make the perfect choice for cold weather.

There are so many cuisines to choose from. You have Indian, South American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and so many more. 

This method doesn’t work for everyone, though, so you might not get the results you need just by changing your diet.

4. Socks are your best friends

thick fluffy socks

What happened to good old fluffy winter socks? There’s no reason you shouldn’t wear them to work. 

Remember those big Christmas socks your grandma knit you? Wear them to the office. You’ll thank me for this suggestion later.

If your grandma didn’t knit like mine, don’t be sad. You could buy yourself some heated socks now, or even normal fluffy ones, whichever you prefer. You could even get yourself some chic leg warmers. Those never go out of style.

5. Buy an electric footrest, warmer or mat

an electric foot warmer

These things are just magic. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a foot warmer that goes under the desk.

It comes in many different types. Foot heating pads are my choice of weapon. My feet would freeze off in the winter if it wasn’t for these gems. It’s like a little electric blanket just for my feet!

Alternatively, you can look into electric footrests, which give a bit of elevation, or a flat heated floor mat.

Your decision will be taken upon your preference. You just have to picture yourself sitting for a couple of hours at your desk with it.

6. Apply some warming cream

applying warming cream to feet

If your muscles tend to get sore, consider some over-the-counter solutions, like some warming cream.

Zatural’s hemp hot cream works almost instantly and you don’t have to keep reapplying. Try looking for ones that have hemp or tea tree oil in them. Those work great for your blood flow.

Pair them up with some socks and you’ve got yourself covered. Just make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before applying the cream. It’s better to make a patch test. 

Wrapping up

Having an office job is having your brain do all the work. Your body just sits there chilling (pun intended). This is why your blood circulation is sometimes a little slower than usual, but that’s okay. There are so many ways you could fix that. I just told you some of the methods that I’ve personally tried.

Prepare yourself for the cold winter. Stock up on new fluffy socks. Invest in a foot warmer. Buy two of them if you can. You’ll love it so much at your office, you’ll want one for your bedroom.

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