10 Ways to Keep Your Hands Warm While Cycling

There are so many reasons why cycling is such a great activity. It’s an impressive way to stay fit and an excellent way to explore the outdoors. It also improves the quality of your sleep and protects you from depression

Unfortunately, the cold weather can sometimes deprive you of enjoying your ride. When your hands are too cold, you might find difficulty grabbing the bicycle handles, which might impact your safety. At the same time, your exposed hands will be subject to a low temperature which affects the blood flow. 

Mountain biker in the snow

But I’m here to offer you more than one solution. If you’re interested in knowing the various ways to keep your hands warm while cycling, keep on reading. I’m about to explain the best tips that can help you keep your hands toasty and comfortable while enjoying a long ride on your bike. 

After this, you can grab your bicycle and head outside without fear of the freezing weather and cold hands.

1. Eat and drink

Preparing your body for the effort will help you finish your ride in the best state. This is why you need to eat something healthy and stay hydrated before riding on your bike. Make sure that you’re not eating something too heavy to stay alert. 

2. Check the weather app

Before heading outside, it’s a good idea to check the weather app on your smartphone. It’ll help you better predict what the weather will be like while you’re enjoying your ride, so you can be prepared for any unpleasant surprises.

You might even decide to change your course based on the wind direction or strength. 

3. Get active

Woman stretch before cycling

A good way to keep your hands warm during a ride is to raise the overall temperature of your body. Light exercise and stretching will help warm up your body and get your muscles ready for the effort you’re expected to exert. 

4. Keep your core warm

Two girls dressed for cycling

Your hands will never be warm if you’re not dressed for the weather. The right clothes will help keep your core warm, radiating warmth and comfort to your extremities. Consider wearing an insulated jacket and the right layers underneath to protect your body from the chilly weather. 

5. Seal the cuffs

Make sure that there’s no room for the cold air to get in touch with your skin by sealing the cuffs of your jacket. If the sleeves of your sweater or jacket can’t be cinched, use Velcro or any drawstring to seal them. This will trap the warm air inside and prevent the cold air from getting in touch with your arms. 

6. Warm your head

Helmet on cyclist head

If your head is cold, the rest of your body will probably feel cold. This can be extremely uncomfortable during a long ride and might shift your focus off the trail. 

This is why I would recommend wearing an ice cap or any winter cap under your helmet. It will protect your ears and help you stay focused throughout your ride. 

7. Consider heated gloves

The right gloves won’t only keep your hands warm, but they provide more control over the bicycle handles for maximum safety. Your hands won’t slip, and they’ll offer the needed grip, even if it starts to rain.

For cold weather cyclists, heated cycling gloves offer several benefits. They’re wind and waterproof and will protect your skin from the cold temperature that can make your hands crack. They also provide more maneuverability while you’re cycling. 

8. Buy the right size

Be careful while buying your cycling gloves. Some people might think that tighter gloves can actually make your hands feel warmer, but this is wrong.

Tight gloves can further restrict the blood flow to your hands, making your hands uncomfortable and cold. Instead, make sure that you’re picking the right fit, as this will help you cycle comfortably for a longer period. 

9. Move your hands

Whenever possible, shake or move your hands in various directions. This will help the blood flow better to your fingertips and can reduce any feelings of discomfort. 

10. Stay dry

Put waterproof seat cover

The moisture can make the effects of cold weather so much worse. This is why I would always recommend picking waterproof pants, socks, gloves, sweaters, and jackets to stay warm. If you think that you might get wet, keep a change of clothes in your backpack for emergencies. 

Wrap up

Having warm hands while you’re cycling will help you enjoy your bike ride a lot more. While there’s little you can do about the weather except stay in, you can dress to beat the cold and keep your hands comfortable and toasty regardless of the temperature. 

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